Feb 16

New Murder Mystery Novel, Death in the Saddle (Not a Western), Now Available from Murder Mystery Press

New Murder Mystery Novel, Death in the Saddle (Not a Western), Now Available from Murder Mystery Press

Death in the Saddle (Not a Western), a new mystery novel by Dr. Alvin J. Harris, has just been released from Murder Mystery Press, and is now available from amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. Death in the Saddle (Not a Western) is Dr. Harris’ fourth mystery novel, and the fourth to be set in the Southern California desert area near Palm Springs. The book is a delightfully twisted tale of murder, sexual intrigue, and deceit – one that is sure to keep readers perched on the edge of their seats right up to the end when the last of many well-kept secrets is revealed.

This is a story that might have made the front page of any newspaper in America – Billionaire Real Estate Developer Peter Bruxton is found murdered – shot in the head in his hotel room. To those who knew Bruxton, his murder was no great surprise. His abrupt manner, gruff personality, and general tendency to offend anyone he met (within five minutes of meeting them) was well known. Even less of a surprise was the fact that Bruxton appeared to have been shot while having sex with an unknown woman. His sexual escapades (with everyone and anyone except his wife) were also well known, and were often the subject of open conversation at cocktail parties throughout the Coachella Valley social scene.

Two local detectives, one a seasoned veteran, and the other a virtual rookie, are assigned to the case. Their biggest challenge? Finding someone Bruxton knew who is NOT a likely suspect, and doing it in the face of increasing political pressure, both locally, and from the California Governor’s office. As the two dig deeper and deeper into the mystery, their list of suspects gets longer, but it is not until the case crosses state lines that the pressure really heats up and the real killer is revealed…or are they?


About the Author:   Long a fan of mystery and detective novels, Dr. Alvin J. Harris began writing professionally after moving to Palm Desert, California with his wife, Yetta. With more than forty years experience as an Orthopedic Surgeon, it is no surprise that he includes someone in the medical profession in each of his novels. Dr. Harris, a prolific writer, is currently at work on his fifth novel.