Apr 02

American Documentary Film Festival screen gems: [S]comparse

American Documentary Film Festival screen gems:


[S]comparse tells the behind-the-scenes story of a film crew that arrives on a small, isolated island between Sicily and Africa to shoot a large-scale feature film. The filmmaker and his entourage settle on the island, providing much-needed employment to the locals, but creating disruptions in their daily routine.

One of the most dramatic disruptions occurs when a large group of Africans are brought to the Island from Sicily to work on the film. The storyline requires that they all get into the water and pretend to be refugees arriving in a rickety boat. Trouble is, this is a very real (and almost weekly) occurrence for the islanders who regularly have to deal with refugees from Tunisia and Libya, and for the Africans, most of whom have actually experienced the harsh reality of the roles they have been asked to play.

Filmmaker Antonio Tibaldi will be on hand after the screening to discuss the film.

Don’t miss [S]comparse – one of the many thought-provoking screen gems you’ll see at this year’s inaugural American Documentary Film Festival.

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See [S]comparse on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 1pm!

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