Sep 30

Think You Had The Worst Divorce Ever? Tell Bradley Ryan on MIX 100.5 All About It and You Could Win The Ultimate Divorce Party!

Think You Had The Worst Divorce Ever?

Tell Bradley Ryan on MIX 100.5 All About It and You Could Win The Ultimate Divorce Party!  

When people get married there are all sorts of people (and companies) around to help out, but when about half of those marriages end in divorce, there are often far too few folks around to provide support.

Well, one local radio station has set out to change that! MIX 100.5 – The Desert’s Best Mix – has created The Ultimate Divorce Party – a new on-air promotion that is all about helping people get through the aftermath of divorce – in a somewhat wry and lighthearted way!

“We recognize that divorce is something nobody wants to have happen to them,” said Bradley Ryan, MIX 100.5 FM Program Director. “But at the same time, we all know that when you’re standing around the water cooler at work, people often share divorce stories – who had the worst divorce, who had the worst spouse, who got hosed the most in the divorce settlement. We’re just trying to acknowledge that reality, poke a little fun at it, and offer some lucky listener and three of their friends the chance to get away and enjoy themselves with The Ultimate Divorce Party.”

MIX 100.5 listeners can enter to win The Ultimate Divorce Party for themselves (or a friend) by sending an email to Bradley Ryan at The email should explain why the listener (or their friend) deserves to win The Ultimate Divorce Party. And remember – be persuasive! Every day, between 6am and 10am, Bradley will choose one of the emails he receives and read it on the air. (Don’t worry, though. He won’t use real names or email addresses on the air.)

The person whose email is chosen will win a $100 VISA gift card AND be qualified for The Ultimate Divorce Party Grand Prize – FREE airfare for four to Las Vegas, complimentary hotel accommodations, and much, much more – including some prizes that are a well-kept secret! (Let’s just say the winners may be partying like Prince Harry, so… leave the cameras at home.)

The MIX 100.5 Ultimate Divorce Party Promotion continues through the last week of October. And remember – divorce can be a traumatic experience, but part of the healing process involves getting back in the game…in Vegas!