Oct 07

Announcing the First Annual Palm Springs Neighborhood Pit Bull Day: Celebrating America’s Dog

Announcing the First Annual
Palm Springs Neighborhood Pit Bull Day:
Celebrating America’s Dog

Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, Animal Samaritans, and Desert VCA Animal Hospital are coming together to celebrate pit bulls, joining Best Friends Animal Society in their national effort to help these dogs, who are battling everything from a media-driven bad reputation to legislation designed to bring about their extinction.

Neighborhood Pit Bull Day – hosted by Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter – is a fun, family-friendly event for pit bull terriers and the people who love them. The two part event starts with a “Pittie Party” in Demuth Park, Palm Springs, from 10:00am – 1:00pm, on Saturday, October 13.  The Pittie Party will include:

  • Low-cost vaccinations for ALL breeds, including $5 rabies vaccinations, $15 DAPP (distemper, hepatitis, parinfluenza, and parvovirus), and $15 Bordatella
  • Low-cost micro-chipping for ALL breeds
  • Dog licensing for Palm Springs pet guardians
  • Free Spay/Neuter sign-ups for eligible Palm Springs pit bulls (and pit bull mixes)

With grant money provided by Best Friends Animal Society, Animal Samaritans will offer free pit bull spay and neuter services for to up to 44 Palm Springs’ pit bull guardians.  Pit bulls and pit bull mixes at least 4 months of age are eligible. Dogs over 5 years of age, or dogs with a compromised immune system or other health-related concerns  may be denied by our veterinary staff if the health of the animal appears at risk due to the animal’s age, or a present, or pre-existing health issue.

““The purpose of this pit bull event is to celebrate the breed and to help our community understand what wonderful and loyal companions these dogs are when given the proper training, environment, care and love,” says Tamara Hedges, Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter board member. “Pit bulls are victims of bad press, no doubt, and victims of bad decision-making by their guardians. Our goal is to separate fact from fiction and promote adoption and responsible guardianship of the breed.”

Following the Pittie Party, Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter will hold a free Pit Bull Education Workshop in the Hugh E. Donaldson Community Room inside the beautiful new Palm Springs Animal Shelter at 4575 E. Mesquite Drive from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. The workshop will be led by Katie Bray Barnett, Esq., Best Friends Animal Society Program Legislative Analyst. Katie will dispel the many myths surrounding this intelligent, loyal, and affectionate breed, present responsible guardianship tips and tools, and provide facts about pit bulls, including:

  • A number of different breeds of dogs are commonly confused with the pit bull, making breed-discriminatory legislation (BDL) extremely hard to enforce.
  • Pit bulls are gentle, loving and loyal. And, like any dog, raised responsibly, they make great family pets.
  • No breed of dog is inherently aggressive or vicious.
  • Resident dogs kept for guarding, breeding or fighting are victims.
  • All dogs deserve humane care, socialization and training.

For more information, contact Tamara Hedges or Jill Vega at: psas.volunteercoordinator@gmail.com

760 416-5718 Ext. 6605
Palm Springs Animal Shelter
4575 E. Mesquite Drive, Palm Springs

The Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a community responsible for pet stewardship and humane treatment of animals.