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American Documentary Film Festival Attracting Eclectic Mix of International Filmmakers.

American Documentary Film Festival
Attracting Eclectic Mix of International Filmmakers.

 The Second Annual American Documentary Film Festival and Film Fund (AmDocs) is poised to once again introduce American audiences to a number of ground-breaking international documentaries. Even better, AmDocs has arranged for several of the filmmakers to attend the screenings, and participate in Q&As and/or other special events during the festival.  “We have filmmakers coming from a variety of countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Canada, Croatia, Abu Dhabi, and even Japan,” said Ted Grouya, Festival Director.

Lidia Duda, the Polish writer/director of ENTANGLED, which is having its North American Premiere at the Festival on Monday, April 8th at 11:30am at the Cinemark Century theatres in Rancho Mirage, is one of the filmmakers who will be in attendance at this year’s festival. Her film documents the complex and ambiguous story of a pedophile and his victim, turned torturer, and the impact of the crime(s) on both their lives.

Two other attendees are Naomi Kazama and Shigeru Ota, who, together, produced and directed the film, DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY NAME IS? This touching and hopeful film chronicles the progress of a research program on dementia at Cleveland’s Eliza Jennings Senior Care Network. The ground-breaking learning therapy, which is the subject of the research, was devised by neuroscientist Ryuta Kawashima, and has already helped thousands of people in Japan. DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY NAME IS? Is set to screen on Saturday, April 6 at Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs.

Croation Director Igor Bezinovic, whose filmography includes short documentary films ‘Above Average’, ‘Non-Recyclable’, ‘An Encounter’, ‘In Fond Memory of TDZ’ and the short feature film ‘Naked Hours’ will be in attendance for the screening of his first feature length documentary, THE BLOCKADE. Chronicling a massive 2009 student protest in Croatia, THE BLOCKADE follows every step of the protest against the commercialization of education, beginning with the exhilarating preparation meetings and blocking of classes to the first signs of exhaustion, through personal situations and discussions late at night, from the initial support of most faculty members to the moment they turned their back on the movement, and the attempt to reach the missing minister of education.

“Having the filmmakers, and in some cases, several members of the teams that created these documentaries attend the screenings, creates a unique opportunity for audiences to be able to interact with them, ask them questions, and gain additional insight into the making of the documentary,” Grouya continued. “That’s why we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for all our filmmakers, whether international or American, to join us.”


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The American Documentary Film Festival
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