Mar 20

American Documentary Film Festival to Screen Park Mark: A Story of Homelessness and Addiction in Iran

American Documentary Film Festival to Screen Park Mark: A Story of Homelessness and Addiction in Iran

Homelessness is a worldwide phenomenon that affects people from all cultures and from all walks of life. Now meet Mark – the protagonist of Park Mark – he’s a homeless man (and crack Cocaine addict) who lives in the parks of Tehran by day, and steals from donation boxes (that stand on nearly every street corner) by night.

Mark, we discover, was once a wealthy Iranian citizen living in America, with a wife and children. Then he discovered crack. Now, fate and addiction have pushed him to the margin of society and turned him into an outcast. 

Park Mark offers an unflinching look at the life of an addict living on the streets of Iran. Following Mark, filmmaker Baktash Abtin bears witness to the traumatic events that occur in Mark’s life on a daily basis, and provides insight into the secrets of Tehran. This film is a powerful story of a man quite aware of his painful reality.

Park Mark

See it Friday,  March 28, at 1:30pm

Camelot Theatres 

Tickets: $10

 To purchase tickets, visit the Camelot Theatres Box Office in Palm Springs, or go to: