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American Documentary Film Festival Breaks Down Retirement Home Stereotypes with The Mayor

American Documentary Film Festival Breaks Down Retirement Home Stereotypes with The Mayor

What is life really like at the retirement home? Is it what you might expect? Well, that depends. If you think it’s all about people sitting around waiting for the end to come, The Mayor will prove you wrong. This amazing documentary provides a “fly on the wall” view of a group of octogenarians living life to the fullest. They’re funny, active, smart, catty and even a little bit wild. Who are they? Well, there’s Sam, the quick-witted, widowed, eighty-eight-year-old Brooklyn native, for whom the film is named. Sam isn’t really a Mayor, but his personality is so infectious, he’s earned the nickname. Then there’s the ever so bawdy Ceil Schwartz and her affable, but somewhat tuned-out husband, Eddie. There’s also the prim, but cheeky Dorothy Wyll, who later reveals herself to be the director’s grandmother. The list goes on, and so do the daily lives of the residents. The filmmaker follows them as they go about their daily business – joking over breakfast, shuffling around the hair salon – even sharing secrets and gossip behind closed doors. And in between, he interviews them, discovering that as they struggle to defy cultural expectations, and make their golden years meaningful, they are also redefining the perceptions of what it’s like to grow old.

The Mayor

See it Thursday, March 27, at 12:30pm

Indian Wells Theater, CSUSBPDC

37500 Cook Street
Palm Desert CA 92211

Tickets: $ 10

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