Mar 21

New Documentary Which Raises Questions About Laci Peterson’s Murder and Her Husband, Scott Peterson’s Guilt, to Premiere at AmDocs 2016.

New Documentary Which Raises Questions About Laci Peterson’s Murder and Her Husband, Scott Peterson’s Guilt, to Premiere at AmDocs 2016. 

From its inception, The American Documentary Film Festival (AmDocs) has included documentaries that have been considered controversial, and, at times, even dangerous at the time of their release. Filmmaker Oliver Stone, who received the festival’s first filmmaker of the year award in 2012, was well-known for his controversial documentaries. Stone’s film, Fidel Castro: Comandante, opened the festival, and his film on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Persona Non Grata, was also screened.

“AmDocs is never going to shy away from films that are controversial,” said Teddy Grouya, Founder and Festival Director of AmDocs. “Because independant filmmakers will always tackle controversial subjects. They examine the stories that others – be it the courts, or countries, or popular opinion – consider ‘settled.’”

“A great example of that is Overlooked Suspect, another film we screened,” Grouya continued. “That film presented some pretty compelling evidence that someone other than O. J. Simpson might have actually murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Did it agree with popular opinion? No. But it was a valid story, and it was well researched and executed. Those are the stories we tell as independent filmmakers.”

This year, AmDocs will screen another film that may encounter some controversy, especially in California. The film, Trial By Fury, re-examines the highly publicized murder of Laci Peterson, who went missing on December 24, 2002, and the subsequent trial that put her husband, Scott Peterson, on death row for the murder of his wife and their unborn child. But, the film asks, was Scott Peterson really guilty?

Trial By Fury includes a series of interviews with Scott Peterson’s family, his lawyer Mark Geragos, reporters, private detectives, and others who were involved with the case at the time, re-examines the evidence – some of which was never presented to the jury, and examines the impact of the intense media attention on the case. In the end, the film raises the question of whether or not Scott Peterson was guilty, whether he actually got a fair trial, and whether or not justice was truly served in the case?

“Audiences are going to find this film pretty powerful no matter how they feel about the Peterson case,” Grouya said. “It’s a good piece of investigative reporting, and it raises some valid questions.”

Trial by Fury screens on Saturday, April 2, at 7:00 pm, at the Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs. In attendance for a Q&A after the screening will be Filmmaker Shareen Anderson, and Mark Geragos, who was Scott Peterson’s defense attorney. Some members of the Peterson family may also attend. The film will screen again on Monday, April 4, at 3:30 pm, at CSU Palm Desert. Tickets are available at: or at the Camelot Theatres Box Office.

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