May 02

Our Palm Desert and La Quinta Markets are now Closed for the Season, but our Palm Springs Market is still Open for Business!

8:00 AM TO 12:30 PM
Next to the Palm Springs Cultural Center

Tips For Shopping the CFM in Uncertain Times:

1.) Send ONE person from your household. When things get back to normal, we’ll party at the Market like old days. For now, let your “chosen one” bring back the produce and the news from the outside world.

2.) Feast your eyes on our produce, point out what you’d like and the farmer can put it in your bag. Think of it as full service shopping. That’s the way they shop in Paris, and everything’s more fun when it’s Frenchified.

3.) Please use the ONE designated entrance/exit. That way we can make sure there are only 50 people shopping at a time. Following this rule ensures that we can continue to share our good things with you.

4.) Look for the bubbles. We have created “personal space” circles at 6′ intervals to wait safely to get into the Market and to do your shopping at the booths.

5. Wear a mask or face covering. It’s the law, and it’s required for entry at the CFMs.
Your CFM Friends

This Week’s Fresh Pick of the Week: Arugula!

Fresh Arugula is this week’s Fresh Pick of the Week at the valley’s Certified Farmers’ Markets. Arugula, sometimes called Rocket, or Rocket Salad, is actually in the cruciferous vegetable family (that also includes Broccoli, Kale, Brussels Sprouts, mustard and Cauliflower), and offers many of the same benefits as these other “super” foods.

Arugula has a fresh, tart, peppery and slightly bitter flavor that is delicious by itself or mixed into salads and other dishes. Originally from the Mediterranean region, Arugula’s wide popularity and ability to naturalize in many temperate regions has helped it spread throughout the world.

Did you know: Arugula has a long history of being known to increase or enhance sexual desire. As a result, during the Middle Ages, it was actually not allowed to be grown in Monasteries! Even today, some people believe that Arugula is a “sexual stimulant.” The rest of us simply enjoy its pungent flavor.

Price: $3 per bunch or 2 bunches for $5.

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