May 02

Two Award-Winning New Films Added This Week. And Don’t Forget To Get Your Popcorn!

Dear fellow film lovers:

This week, we’ve selected two very special, and award-winning films, to add to our Virtual Screening line-up. With a cast composed of both Palestinian and Israeli actors and musicians, the German film CRESCENDO, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Dror Zahavi, tells the story of a group of young Palestinian and Israeli musicians coming together under the direction of a world famous conductor to create a chamber orchestra dedicated to peace in the region.  Complicating the story, and adding yet another layer of conflict, is the fact that the maestro is the son of Nazi mass murderers, and, as a child, watched them get shot to death. Profound, raw, and sensitive, CRESCENDO is a powerful humanitarian statement, hoping for better days in this broken world.


SAINT FRANCES, our second addition, is a welcome and heartfelt spin on a coming of age tale, centered on a somewhat aimless waitress who finds a job as the nanny for a lively six year old. The film, which has earned a score of 98 on Rotten Tomatoes, is refreshing and unpredictable – and has become an instant favorite among film reviewers and festival audiences alike.


Visit our Virtual Cinema Page to view a complete list of the films we are streaming!And don’t forget – now you can complete your movie viewing experience with Camelot Concessions to go!


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